Keep right on walking

Many things in our lives go by contraries. In the meantime we do what is right in our own sight and get the things out of life that correspond to our needs.

Gaining a moral certainty is a great piece of luck and it takes a lot of effort. At times we don’t know our own mind and find ourselves in a muddle. But we keep on searching for a clue.

And the only clue is “You have got to keep going to get anywhere”.

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You are beautiful, my friend…

… because…

… you persevere in attempts to make the world a better place in spite of the indifference and hostility reigning in society;

… you have a real passion for Life in spite of IT being hard on you;

… your heart knows the power of forgiveness in spite of some judging and offending you;

… you never give up your hope in spite of suffering many hardships;

… you remain for ever one in spite of being misunderstood by quite a number of people;

… you make false steps like anyone else but you’re genuinely trying to better yourself in spite of intense mental struggle;

… you love…and love…and love… in spite of everything.

Dear Friends, at times we take the wrong roads and lose our self-possession; at times it feels like chances are against us, and we are seized with heaviness, as a result, – yes, things happen. But you know everything happens for a reason. And I believe we are able to get over difficulties, for so long as we are inwardly beautiful.

I wish You days full of happy laughter, emotional warmth and sincere joy! May love never leave your home, lives and hearts.

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Take the liberty of being happy

Every man is the architect of his own future. And everyone has their own ideal of happiness. But it is no easy matter to get a true satisfaction with life. There are times we lack commitment to our own happiness.

We long for a change. But fear, uncertainty and doubt act as a brake on our initiative, and, as a result, it is little wonder that we lose the way. The process of change is always challenging. It can be tough, but it can be lifesaving as well.

The main task is to free our mind from fear. It is by no means easy to realize, but we should keep in mind that all things are difficult before they are easy.

We often sell ourselves the idea that we don’t have any right to make mistakes, but it is an entirely wrong belief. What is more, there’s no ill luck in turning back if we are on the wrong road.

We can well afford to be happy.

Just keep your hopes up!

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We could be a little kinder

I believe in human nature, and I am strongly convinced we need each other to make this world a better place for us all to live. But what beats me is why we show so much indifference and hostility towards each other’s feelings and beliefs. Life isn’t always a bowl of cherries, and we know it can be so hard on us at times, but this does not excuse our “don’t care” attitude towards others. This is really sad when people afford to leave each other in the lurch. While there is compassion, there is humaneness. We can’t hurt anybody just because “life is unfair to us”.

I don’t want to reason globally, but we are constantly being treated unfairly by the so-called Masters of the Universe. They don’t much care about us, our health and well-being. They initiate conflicts and generate viruses, they act high and mighty and place themselves above the law. They have power over our lives because money is their power. This is on their conscience. But let’s not go against our own conscience. We are not able to eradicate all the injustice in the world but we can do our best to avoid being a part of this injustice. I still believe in us. You’ll find kind and fair people everywhere. I hope for the best. We cannot survive without each other’s help and support. We want everybody to treat us with respect but often forget how to be grateful. But let us never forget about random acts of kindness and their healing power.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.


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Though I fail, I shall try again

When we feel life is standing still it’s hard to be in high spirits. We are at risk of losing our nerve. We begin to think that we had all our trouble for nothing. But there’s no truth to it at all. It is all in a lifetime. Patience is a plaster for all sores. We should keep on fighting for our place in the sun. Of course, we suffer a misfortune at times, and failures erode our self-confidence. It’s hurtful if it leads to complete apathy. But whatever happens, we should fight to the finish. We have to hold a genuine belief in ourselves. This is our only chance to know what life has in store for us and see the results of the work we are meant for. The things next our heart keep our belief in the reality of miracles alive. Life is not a bed of roses, definitely, but as time goes on, things began to change. Labour and patience defeat all resistance.


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Stay True to Your Dream

I wonder why some people are able to realize their dreams within a short time while others put theirs away for later. Well… we are people with all types of background. Stories differ. Fates differ. Conditions differ. But all human beings have human feelings. We are all busy at our several tasks but have our bold dreams and believe some day they will come true. Sometimes it takes so much time to succeed at goal due to circumstances. But it is often that fear prevents us from achieving a dream.

I’m a young author and my dream is to become a good and responsible writer, make a positive contribution to modern literature and make myself useful for others. But I find myself in a maze these days. I have been cherishing an idea for my book for about 5 years and now instead of writing a book I’m letting the grass grow under my feet. The reason for this is that hope and fear alternate in my breast, and I ask myself what if I won’t be satisfied with the results? What if I won’t be able to realize my potential? I can achieve success, I know that. I’ve got a strong will and courageous heart, but so much has happened to me lately that I lost my way for a while. I forgot how it feels to make progress, when you see the results of your hard work and feel happy and proud of yourself. I remember the times I spoke in public at the Student Academic Conferences – I felt so excited and happy, oohh, I miss this feeling! I remember how sincerely inspired I was when I took part in the Country’s Creative Literary Contest, and two of my short stories were published in the Final Story-Book. I don’t know why I lost my self-confidence, but maybe I needed time to gain some experience both life and writing. And now I need to raise my self-esteem. I don’t want to waste my time. I have to be more active if I want to realize my dreams. There is some way to go. I will collect my energies to come close to my goal. And staying true to conscience is of great importance as well.

We never know what the morrow has in store for us, and I don’t know it for sure but I feel things do not just happen and there is a path meant for each of us to follow.

Trust in your stars!


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Wish you well from the bottom of my heart!

I can’t find the right words… Just feel the need to be honest. It’s been the hardest year of my life. A lot of difficulties ahead, and I cannot decide what to do next. But you never know where you are with your life. Still I am here and I will be moving beyond this time of uncertainty. We always raise our expectations. And we usually get what we work for.

I’m sending love and light to those who stand at the parting of the ways – may you find your safe haven! I’m sending love and light to those who are settled in life – may you never lose your self-belief! There’s a time and a place for everything. Problems force us to our knees at times but we are able to win the struggle as long as we believe in ourselves.

Merry Christmas to you, my Friends! I wish you and your families an enjoyable festive season! Peace to you and your home!

Good luck on your journey, I wish you well!


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